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Brisbane Institute

The Brisbane Institute

Future events from The Brisbane Institute include:

  • 23.03.11* Packed Lunch Career Rockets: boosting skills, boosting reputation
  • 05.04.11 In Conversation: Lord Mayor Campbell Newman
  • 12.04.11* Brisbane Business Conversation #2: Smart, Connected City
  • 19.04.11* Seriously, renewable: which energy options provide the best potential
  • 04.05.11 Brisbane Business Conversation #3: Growing City
  • 17.05.11* Is digital access the new class divide? In the 21st century, knowledge is still power
  • 31.05.11* Saving energy: how we do for power what we did for water
  • 15.06.11* Packed lunch: Leading, inspiring and engaging communities in change
More details about these and other activities can be found on The Brisbane Institute’s home page: http://www.brisinst.org.au/



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