FREE Teacher PD!

Now that you have had a chance to settle in to your classes this year, perhaps you’re interested in some FREE Teacher PD this term?

Webinar Series
A series of on-line presentations aimed at increasing your understanding of the Shale Oil industry and the role it will play in the future supply of energy in Australia. Industry experts in the areas of geology, engineering and processing will engage with teachers on-line.

All webinars will be one hour in duration and begin at 3:30pm. Participants may choose to register for individual webinars, or the entire series.

February 8 – Australia’s Energy Security
February 21 – Formation of Oil Shale
March 9 – Processing Oil Shale and Making Fuels
March 21 – Environmental Management
April 5 – The QER Oil Shale Story

On-Line PD – Wet Rocks
A series of activities conducted over four weeks aimed at improving teachers understanding of Groundwater and water management. The workshop includes completion of hands on and on-line activities and engagement with industry experts from across the nation. Great teaching materials provided to all participants.

Begins February 28, 2011

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